aQuas / BENEFITS of Maris Aqua

aQuas skin care products are for cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting skin from the damages. Effective skin care will help you look much younger. Skin care is the basic rule of beauty. Best skin care can only be done with right product that is rich in ingredient and rebounding effect on the skin. Maris aqua(Sækonungar) among many other ingredients of the aQuas skin care products is a valuable gift from Atlantic Ocean.

Sækonungar deep ocean sea water: Now protecting your skin.
Iceland offshore hydrothermal vents are the source for Sækonungar deep ocean water which is harvested from uncontaminated depths of the ocean.
PURE – no exposure to manmade contaminants
REMOTE – Guarded by nature for thousand years
RICH - in minerals and nutrients
REDOUNDANT – promotes well balanced, healthy skin with smooth and silky touch
Sækonungar deep Ocean water is the only in-exhaustible source of beauty and it is used in skin care products of aQuas. Beneath the ocean in depths of 7.000 feet mineral rich Sækonungar Ocean deep water bursts out hydrothermal vents, carrying within the earthly minerals, hot and very valuable to your beauty. When hot earthly minerals meet with the too cold water of the Ocean, they quickly get solubilized in deep sea water, turning Ocean water into mineral rich, valuable rare gift. This mineral and nutrient rich water is harvested from the depths of Atlantic Ocean by using a patented technology and a state-of-the-art process. Sækonungar Ocean deep water or Maris Aqua is rich in minerals and electrolytes that help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. More than 40 major elements, electrolytes and minerals are present and tested for its contaminants and certificated as untouched by toxic wastes.

Sækonungar means the gods of the sea, in Norse mythology were protectors and patrons of sailors and explorer. Now protecting your skin.

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