aQuas - Soleil / Bronzactive SPF20 Sun Cream

Being tan for the summer or even after the summer is something many people desire, showing a bit of glow on otherwise pale skin. "Bronzactive" tan enhancer sun cream will help you get tan quicker than you used with long lasting tan. aQuas Bronzactive sun cream accelerates the increase of the melanin content of pigment cells with the effect of making the skin look darker. aQuas bronzactive sun cream is not an autobronzant and contains no dye, just stimulates body's own mechanism in tanning. It is safe to use and very good to your skin health. It has naringenin and forskolin in it, these two are natural compounds that stimulate pigment producing cell work harder and quicker to produce pigment and keep the pigment in. When you get enough pigment your own defence mechanism against the UV radiation of the sun starts to work to protect your skin. Fair skinned people since they eaisly burn have to pay extra care when using bronzactive suncream. When you have restricted time for holiday under sun, you may use bronzactive to shorten the period you get tan. After you get tan, you may want to keep it as long as posible; aQuas Bronzactive suncream will offer you longlasting tan also. May be you want to get an even deeper tan for the summer time; again aQuas bronzactive suncream will help you.

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